Hi, I'm Phil, sometimes I paint things
and create art.

I apply disparte paints and other mixed media
on canvas and wood panels.


Notice of Baggage Inspection

Avoiding The Inevitable (2016!)

Framed studies

In Order Of Appearance


Heaven III

Those People Have Their Own Problems

Untitled (study)


Instead of a retrospective, here are a few of my favorite pieces from the past; I haven't painted much recently and that's the point. Look for bleeding edge, works in progress and new pieces here shortly.


I paint when I want to but never have the time or sustained interest to make it a habit. Instead of talking about what I have done with my art, I want to talk about what I want to do, new topics, groupings or themes. It's my hope that this kind of more broad-based approach will increase my output and interest; presented here in order of viability.

Take only as directed

Paintings made from years of disused and expired prescriptions, with an emphasis on mental health medicines. A special thanks to television that now prescribes these medicines to us with whimsical commercials. So ask your doctor if my paintings are right for you!

Techno is dead

Using bluetooth and NFC enabled beacons embedded within paintings to expand the meaning or use of a piece. It could be fun, it could also lead to other unforeseen issues.

More things to worry about

Using potentially harmful materials; motor oil, plastic resins, epoxy and other potentially volatile chemicals in paintings. Once these pieces dry are they inert? Do they still require the same restrictions requiring their handling or, let's hope not, disposal? Warning: art not to be taken internally

Laws are boring

Archaic computing and electronics laws like ECPA, CFAA (both from 1986) are unjustly convicting the curious and ruining lives. What if I purposely infringe on these statues by putting electronic copies of copyrighted, or illegal, material in my paintings? Would this be a legal liability for myself, the artist? How about for the buyer? What if the buyer wasn't informed of the embedded data? Also, would encryption change any of those answers?


To contact me you can shoot me an email, or ping me on Twitter where I'm fak3r. Thanks